The Secret to Squirting and How to Squirt in 3 Steps

Okay ladies, let me start with clearing the air on squirting : Everybody can!

Two myths surrounding squirting has many women running scared or just completely turned off from the idea. I say, lets burst those myths quickly and get to the lesson on how to squirt in three steps.

Squirting is not urinating


The fluid released during female ejaculation vary from woman to woman and much of it depends on how much water you drink. Like men, women too have prostrate and this gland is responsible for the secretion of the whitish fluid. Yes, the fluid contains part urine but it is mostly secretions form the Skene gland.

Squirting is not for everybody


False! Everybody can and easily too. For some women it comes so easily to them that they always soak the sheets every time they have sex. These women are the crop of women who let go completely during sex. They get out of their head and get into body, loosing all inhibitions. This take us to the three (3) quick steps to squirting during sex or masturbation.

3 Steps to Squirting During Sex
Get in your body


Like I mentioned earlier, this is only possible if you let yourself enjoy the moment. Getting in my body comes quick to me when I trust my partner completely. This makes the whole experience surreal for me and super intense. You generally have a higher chance at an earth-splitting orgasm if you put yourself in the moment.  Also, this is very important for step 3.

Find friction


Whatever position gives you the best movement against your clitoris, is your best bet. Cowgirl, variations of Missionary Style, daring positions like Dirty Dangle can get you where you need to go. Remember squirting fluid is secreted by a gland and secretions require “build up”. Find a position that gives you enough friction for that build up. Raise your hips in a missionary position with a pillow, if you like.

Birth your orgasm


Yes, girl. That’s exactly what it comes to. Squirting is like birthing and even if you have never had an actual birthing, you know enough to “push”. When you feel your orgasm coming (which you will if you are in your body), push hard to release like you want to birth your orgasm. First it will feel like you are really going to pee, then it will feel really good the more grind against him.

Squirting is about trusting your partner enough to let go and trusting your body to come through. Hit me up when you try it.

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