Sex Criers II

I’m not supposed to be here… But I couldn’t  stay away. So here I am. First I’d like to correct a little misconception. When I say sex crier, I don’t mean someone who shed tears during sex. “Sex crier” is an adaptation of “town crier” which means a person who makes public announcement for a town. From that you should understand what I meant by sex crier. Although a sex crier may shed tears too…lol .  Now to the reason why I’m back, even though I should be buried in books now. I got three reactions to the last post.


According to some guys the louder the cries, the better the sex. I can understand that the cries most mean something to them. Maybe it glosses their ego. Or makes them want to hump her harder. Whatever reason there may be, why make public announcement about your prowess though? Plus, don’t you get worried that you might actually be hurting her if she’s crying so loud? I know some guys who can’t concentrate when the moans get too loud. I know some who would stuff her mouth with a shirt or just shove their dicks in her mouth…lol. That always works.


Some people wanted to know what girls think of a male sex crier and the men who just do the Rozay grunt at the end of it all…lol. Answer is, a male sex crier is not sexy. I don’t want a guy moaning like a pussy or whimpering like a kitten on top of me. I don’t want tears. U moan so loud and cry like that, I get the impression I’m in bed with Mary. And yes, the Rozay grunt can be sexy if it’s a low growl. Not just “huh!”. TF is that?   


Now the third reaction is my favorite. Apparently, some of my readers (mostly male) have had the crier experience before…lol. One of them told me of a woman who lived in a crowded building with her husband. According to him, she was a really loud one. He claimed he could hear her moans all the way from his own house and his mom used to think it was a cat in Also, I found out that they were worse sounds and cries than the one I mentioned in the last post and very hilarious ones too.  Like,”daddy” “faster” “fuck fuck fuck” and then the confused crier “oh yes! Oh no!” and “Yes there! That’s it!”

Really hilarious, I tell u. Wouldn’t want to imagine a sex crier as a parent.

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