Even the healthiest of relationships need a bit of sexual spice from time to time. Sometimes your life sex just becomes a routine and gets complacent. However, this doesn’t mean that the relationship is bad but day to day hassles like traffic, work and other things can make your sex life almost non-existent.

Whatever the reason, change the narrative with these fun indoor games you can play with your partner during this lock down period.

Let the sex games begin

 Some of these sex games may require props, some of which you can improvise with what you have for a start. Mostly, what you need is yourself, your partner and an open mind.

  1. Truth or Dare

Take your mind off your teenage years and turn this into something much more exciting.

Begin by setting rules for the game. Limit the number of truths used in the game and consequences for not carrying out a dare.

Next write out the dares individually. You can make it fun or provocative, whatever sets the mood and begin with asking T or D.

Make it fun, you can dress up in sexy lingerie to keep the atmosphere sexually intense.

2, Game of guesses

This sex game is a tactile game meaning your partner has to work with their sense of touch. To play this game one of you has to be blindfolded, you can buy a good blindfold here or improvise with any cloth at home. Get props to be used on your lover’s skin that creates a sensual feeling and leave them guessing.

Prop items that can be used




Click here to get the Fantasy Faux Fur tickler

The Flirty Leather Paddle or Fantasy Leather Paddle


Back scratcher etc.

Tease with each guess and build the sexual tension using props.

3. Food play

Have your partner eat food off your body. This is hotter blindfolded. Spread different foods on your body and have your partner eat every one of it off you naked. They are not allowed to eat you out until they have eaten everything off you and you both have played your roles. Foods like chocolate, peanut butter, and fruits can be used for this sex game


4. Sexy Dice

This sex game creates excitement and longing between both partners. Whatever act the dice reads after rolling is what the person has to perform. will do. On every dice set there are different sexual acts to be carried out and the uncertainty increases the thrill.

Click here.to get a dice set.

5. Role Play

This sex game is for the adventurous couples ready to try out something extra spicy in the bedroom. Switch roles by acting out your fantasies. Do you get turned on by doctors; have your partner dress up as one. You can dress up as a chef or nurse or whatever you like.

Come up with a story line and act out those scenes in character. Those characters can lead to more sexy scenarios like:

  • A pirate and his slave
  • Temptress and the principled king

Role play is better when you look the part so spice it up using costumes. You can browse through role play outfits here.


Interested in some 50 shades and kinky type of sex? Then you should be ready to try out some S and D roles in the bedroom. Before you begin, set down rules and agree on a safe word to be used. 

You can start light by investing in any BDSM props kit to serve as a guide and when you both get comfortable you can take things higher by testing your threshold for pain and other kinky acts.

Sex position play card

7. Sex Positions Play Card

. Each card comes with different sex positions you can try out in the bedroom. You can begin this game with strip poker to build up sexual excitement then take turns to open a random card. and get frisky.

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How to initiate sex games

The key to developing sexy games is trust. Your partner has to be ready to explore fully as much you do and have an open mind. You should also share a common interest in sexual exploration. How to bring it up

  • Make sure the atmosphere is calm and you are both relaxed.
  • Broach the subject by referring to something you have read or studied.
  • If you have a particular interest in mind, you can show them a video of what you have in mind and ask for their opinion.
  • Don’t expect an answer immediately, give them time to process what you want.
  • Have fun

Remember to set ground rules for your game. Introduce a safe word and set ground rules for the game. Don’t do what you would not like and remember to have a nice time.

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