Being in a long term relationship is awesome but sometimes, it may translate into a routine and  become boring and monotonous. Love and romance is great for a relationship but routine is a killer. So, what can you do to liven up a boring evening with your lover. I would recommend spicing up that evening with sex games. Sex games are the perfect tricks to spice up your sex life, here are some exciting games to play with your lover.

  • Stripped-down Card

You can make the game of Cards seem more interesting, this is the convenient game of Whot easy to play by anyone. In this game, any body who loses takes off a piece of clothing and continues in that pattern until they are both naked. You can add a little bit of alcohol to make it more exciting.

  • Naughty girl

Feeling bold and kinky, then this is for you. Whisper to your partner all the things you did bad. You forgot to wear your panties when going out, tell him, you deliberately ignored his messages? Remind him, and have him spank you as your punishment. Its best to switch up roles to get the excitement all round.

Ps; Its best you study your partner to know what can turn him on to avoid saying things that may take the spanking to a form of abuse.

  • Time bomb

Before playing this game, you should have a clock or stop watch. Pick a time frame- for whatever time interval chosen, tease your partner with kisses, touches, spanking and other forms of foreplay. Make sure you and partner aim at pleasuring each other within that time interval without any form of penetration. Crazy right? This game revamps the emotions and really gets you all turned on and after the time frame you would be surprised at the change in your partner.

  • Play pretend

So, have you ever imagined having sex with someone with a different personality. Then, this is for you. Ever imagined playing the role of a shy virgin like you watch in Porn movies, you can have your partner go down on you, while you feign ignorance and watch how aroused he becomes when your moans tell him how good he is at his game.

  • Truths and Dare

What better way can you know your partner than through this game, listen to dark secrets and try out kinky dares and styles. Explore your craziest sexual fantasies through this bonus game that helps you know more about your partner and get top sexual satisfaction through your dares.

  • Open and Close

Have your partner lie back or kneel with eyes closed and an open mouth, tease him by placing different parts of his body against his lips or tongue, encourage him to please you when you do. The thrill of it is the anticipation of what comes next, he may be expecting your breasts and get your tongue, which is quite thrilling. Take turns playing this game to achieve pleasure.

  • Guessing game

Spell out words on your partner’s body and have him guess what you wrote. Failure to do so will earn you a sexual favour from him and vice versa. Take turns playing this game until you completely exhaust each other.

  • Role playing

Role playing is a game that’s fun to play and extremely sexy. You can dress up as characters you love and try to convince each other to have sex with the chosen characters. Its best you choose characters you love and have fun reenacting them. Whatever role you choose to play, make sure its desirable for you and your partner.







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