Spooning is one of my favorite sex position, that’s after the cowgirl position of course. Unfortunately, the awesome sex position is greatly overlooked.  I love this sex position because it allows you a wild range of varieties and pleasure, by varieties, I mean there is so much to do and you can’t get bored. Provided both you and your partner are actively involved.

Most times, spooning starts while cuddling in bed, and this is beautiful because it gives room for enough foreplay. This way, the woman can get wet enough for easy penetration. Another aspect I love about this sex position is that, it is rear entry sex position so you are not facing each other fully. But this can be manipulated to give room for some sweet kisses.


SPOONINGIn spooning, the woman lies on one side with her knees bent, while the man lies slightly above the woman, with his front pressed against her back. In this sex position, the receiving partner i.e. the woman would be in the inner spoon position, while the penetrator i.e. the man, would be the outer spoon, preparing for rear entry penetration.

For penetration, the partners may separate their upper bodies, with just the pelvises connecting, and their legs can rest on top of each other. The receiving partner, may also lift her upper knee to allow easier penetration.


  • FLEXIBILITY: I so much love this position because it is a flexible position and it could easily lead to other different sex positions. With this position, you can switch over to doggy sex, missionary sex, cowgirl position easily without a break, or losing control. It is totally flexible.
  • EASY: This position is smooth and easy and it doesn’t require any complex technicality. Some call it the “lazy position”, I call it the “smooth position.” It’s not like other complex positions which you end up with body pain. This position is simple and easy. Just cuddle and let your body take control.
  • EXPLORE: As a woman, it gives your partner room to explore your sensitive parts. During penetration, your partner would be able to stimulate your nipples as well as your clitoris, while also kissing and biting our neck. And before you know it, you would be on you way to sweet, sweet, orgasm.
  • CLOSURE: This position is one that allows as much closure and body contact as possible. Regardless of not being able to see each other fully, you can feel each other completely and for me, that is beautiful. This position is just one that makes sex a beautiful act, you can let your feeling and emotions run fully. It is great for love making. Remember the article; the difference between casual sex and love making?
  • CONTROL: This position is easy to control. Both partners can easily control what they want and what they don’t. Penetration can go as deep as you please. Spooning is wonderful for pregnant women in their last trimester, because it doesn’t but any pressure on the abdomen. It is great for those recovering from illness, surgery, and even the elderly, because it puts less strain on the muscles. Even when both of you are tired, it is an easy transit from orgasm to a blissful sleep.


  • PULL OUT: As beautiful as this position is, it takes a lot of patience, because time and time again the penis might slip out, disrupting the flow of activities. In other words, we can say that this position is not very convenient for men with smaller size penis
  • NO FULL BODY VIEW: For people who like to view their partner during intercourse, this position might not be the best for them, because this is a rear entry sex position.
  • IT TAKES LONGER FOR THE MAN TO REACH ORGASM: While this sex position makes it easier for women to reach orgasm, it may take longer time for men. So it is advisable to switch up to other positions like doggy. This will be very convenient since this position is very flexible.

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