Once in a while, it is important that we spice up our sex lives with new and interesting sex positions that we have never tried before. One of these exciting sex position is the Taurus sex position also known as touch your toes. It is a rear entry sex position, and it is a bit related to the doggy position.


The man stands straight with his feet wide apart, the woman should be in front of him. Next she should bend her body down, so that only her buttocks would touch his groins. She pulls her hand forward and holds on to her toes, next he hold on to her waist and penetrates her from behind.


This position is quite easy to pull off, although flexibility and stability would be greatly required from the woman.


Taurus sex position is great for G-spot and P-spot stimulation.

Penetration is deep.

Orgasm should be guaranteed for both parties if they know how to play their parts well.

This position is great for extra activities like spanking and clitoral stimulation.

This position is great for a quickie.


The woman could get easily exhausted.

The woman might not be flexible enough to pull this position through.

The woman may not be able to maintain her stability and this position of a long time.

  • TIPS:

The man should be gentle when delivering his strokes so as not to tip the woman over. Instead, he should hold her waist tightly, this would give the woman more support and penetration can be deeper.


Activity for the Taurus or Touch Your Toes position is shared equally. While the man delivers the strokes, the woman maintains the position and stability.

Have fun touching your toes.


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