Sex is enjoyable when its unplanned and risky. Yea, risky. I don’t mean putting yourself at the risk of having an infection but the risk of getting caught. Imagine your car parked in a spot with the windows turned up or not and wondering if you would be discovered while you try to swallow or ride. (you get the picture).
If you are that daring, you should try having car sex to spice up your sex life or for the fun of it. you don’t have to drive an extra mile to find a motel when you can easily convert your car to a mini hotel. Whatever your decision is, I would be sharing some sex positions to try out in the car, and I mean actual positions that extends beyond giving a blow job. I know the car can seem a little bit stuffy but the dirtier you get, the more exciting the sex gets to be.

1. Backseat Driver
To start with, move the front passenger seat forward towards the dash to get comfortable and recline in the back seat. The woman assumes the reverse cowgirl position. she can either kneel or bend her legs depending on the space of the car. The woman owns and controls the action of this position by bumping and grinding as she wants to while the man reclines and goes with the movement. The woman can also do some mini squats while she rides him, by leaning back and supporting herself with the head rest of the back seat.
Why we love it:
Like the woman on top position, the woman controls the pace You can add a bit of kinks by strapping him in the backseat and restricting his movement. It is also space efficient so you can get as wild as you want.

2. Belt bondage
Kinky lovers you may need to get in here. This position works for women who know how to take control and go for what they want. This position involves the man lying in the backseat with his hands tied above his head using the seat belt. Then she gets on top of him and grinds him till she wants to.

Why we love it: Being on top is one of the best positions for women and she can grind her clitoris which stimulates an orgasm quicker.

3. Side spoon
This is quite easy. You can try putting one seat down all the way down and having both partners sitting on one chair in the side spoon position, giving him the comfort of inserting the penis.

Why we love it: This position works best for beginners, it’s comfy and it gives you the satisfaction you want. You don’t need to get over stressed about your performance instead you are allowed to savour it.

4. Seated Rear Entry
This position starts with him sitting in the passenger seat and with a woman sitting/squatting on top of him. This position is better when she has her legs inside of his to keep the position controlled.

Why we love it:
It guarantees deep penetration plus the intimacy of close eye contact. The man can also keep his hands busy by kissing and caressing her breasts. This position provides heightened G-spot stimulation.

5. Yab Yum With A Twist
If you are thinking of getting naughty in the front passenger seat then this is for you. This is like the tantra sexual act, both partners sit facing each other while their bodies are touching in ecstasy. The man sits in the full lotus position with the woman on his lap and her legs wrapped around him. If this does not work, she can easily straddle him.

Why we love it:
This position involves a lot of intimacy and it’s one of the steamiest sex positions. In this position both partners are free to caress each other and indulge in naughty touches during sex.

6. Road head
Sex involves more than penetration so while going on that road trip you may try getting naughty. Try stimulating your partner. Oral sex is most advisable, try bringing out his dick and swallowing while he drives or pulls over. You may not want to try this position while on a major road and make sure your partner keeps his eyes on the road. For an inexperienced driver, you may not want to try this.

Why we love it:
Variety is the spice of life, so a little bit of tease here and there can be quite exciting and keeps your partner’s blood rushing to try out car sex. The more creative it gets the better sex you may get to have or the greater pleasure for your lover.

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