Sleeping beauty

In a faraway land a long time ago, a beautiful child was born to the king and queen of Tinkerland. They named her beauty, because she was the most beautiful child in the entire kingdom. On her name day, three fairies came and bestowed gifts upon her

“I present to you the gift of beauty, so you may have what it takes to attract men” said flora; the first fairy

“I present to you the gift of strength, so that you may have the stamina needed to withstand any man, no matter how strong he is” said Fiona; the second fairy.

Just as Merryweather was about to give her own gift, Maleficent; the evil witch of Tinkerland came in.

Maleficent was the sexiest witch anyone ever laid eyes upon. She had green eyes that complimented her long red hair. Her breasts were full and she was not ashamed to flaunt them. Today, she was wearing a long emerald green dress that was cut in front down to her belly button, with a slit on the left that went all the way up to her thighs, slightly showing off her slender beautiful legs. Everyone was in thrall of her

“I was sad when I didn’t get an invitation to this wonderful celebration but to show I hold no grudge towards you, I will bestow a gift upon the child too” said maleficent

“She will indeed grow in beauty and in strength, but on her sixteenth birthday, she will cut herself on a pickle and die without ever experiencing an orgasm”

No one wants to die without experiencing an orgasm. It was a terrible curse maleficent placed upon beauty and before the guards could seize her, she disappeared into thin air leaving her emerald green dress behind as a souvenir.

“Merryweather is yet to give her gift to beauty, perhaps she may be able to help” said Fiona to the king.

“I cannot lift Maleficent’s curse, but she will not die, beauty will only fall into a deep sleep that she can only be awaken from when true love’s cock finds its way into her sweet cunt”

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