I came across this tweet a couple of weeks ago it says “when you kissing a girl, where should your hands  be?”kissingI know we have a lot of kissing experts here that would love to answer this question, but really guys, where should your hands be when you are kissing bae?There were a lot of reply to that tweet of course, some people were of the opinion that your hand should be on her waist.Others were of the opinion that your hands should be grabbing her ass.Someone said your hands should be on her neck, that’s if she likes to be choked.I came across a reply which said your hands should be everywhere. This makes sense!!!In my opinion, if it is your first time you should probably just hold hands for mutuality.

But if you guys are very intimate, to get things more heated up, you might want to place your hands under her thighs.Placing your hands on her shoulders will give you more closure.Gripping her hair, I like this. It gives more intensity.Squeezing her breast, will get her more aroused.Placing your hands on her face, will give you both more concentration, but I’m not so sure if I’m a fan of this.But really there is no definite answer to where you should place your hands when kissing your partner. You can place them anywhere you want as long as both of you are comfortable with each other. But you can drop your comments, telling us where you think your hands should be when kissing a girl.



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