Few months ago, a video surfaced online of Kevin Hart allegedly sitting and getting cozy with a mystery brunette inside a Lexus at 5am outside a Miami hotel. This video looked like our darling Hart was cheating on his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish.Now a lot of people were quick to come to twitter calling this new “allegedly” cheating episode Karma! Because the comedian previously admitted he cheated on his first wife Torrei Hart with is currently now pregnant wife.

He addressed his past infidelities in a comedy special Let Me Explain, saying: “Yes, yes people, I cheated. Am I ashamed of it? No, no I’m not. Do I wish I could take it back? No, no I don’t. Let me tell you why: You can’t evolve as a man if you never make a mistake.” Well I’m not sure if that applies with cheating. Anyway, less than 12 hours after the reports surfaced, the 38 years old responded with a meme shared with his 53 million followers on social media.

Well few days later, a video of him and Eniko dancing to unforgettable was shared on his Instagram account and it seemed like they were dancing away the rumors the same way Hart laughed away the rumors.

During the time the whole cheating saga was on air, there were a lot of funny tweets relating Kevin Hart with his height, but the tweet that got me the most was by Michael Blackson, and he tweeted “I don’t think Kevin Hart cheated, he’s so short so every time he hugs a ***** it looks like he’s eating her pussy” LMAO.

It seemed like Kevin and Eniko were fine and very much happy and still together. Kevin even shared a lovely post of Eniko on Instagram to celebrate her birthday, calling her his fine ass wife.

Regardless of all the love this celebrity couple has been displaying all over social media, these past few months, it looks like there is actually fire on the mountain.  Kevin posted a video of himself on Instagram apologizing to his wife and kids, calling it a “shitty moment”.

It appears like this video was made to call a blackmail bluff, or to stop an extortion of some sort. People have been reacting all over social media to this video, in numerous ways.

Whatever way Eniko and Kevin choose to resolve this crisis, we wish Eniko Hart a safe delivery.

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