Recently, a relationship blogger asked ladies on twitter to send a message to their crush, asking him out on a date #Datechallenge. The issue about ladies being the first to make a move on a guy they fancy has been trending all over social media for a while now. The responses ladies got after making the first move on the guy they fancied proves to be the reason why ladies should or should not be the first to ask a guy out.

Here are some screen grabs of the responses these ladies got. Here are some of the positive ones, which were quite encouraging.

Here are the negative ones, which are very well heartbreaking.

This lady here got blocked, I wonder how she took that.So really what do you think, should ladies feel free to make the first on a guy they like? It is pretty much a fact that ladies might not handle rejection as well as guys would, so this might be a discouraging factor for ladies. But I would still applaud all the women who took part in the twitter #Datechallenge that was really brave of them. But I am sure that some of the ladies who were rejected, are not going to be making the first move on any guy again. But really don’t let that discourage you. Make your move #Datechallenge.

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