Every woman wants to have an orgasm and sometimes the easiest way to achieve that is by letting go of anxieties and negative feelings related to it. It sucks not being able to achieve the big O due to fear and anxieties on our part but there is an easy way to achieve the desirable.

How?– Socks. Research has shown that wearing socks during sex leads to a better orgasm. The reason is simple, wearing socks during sex in addition to keeping your legs cozy and warm, helps the blood vessels in your feet dilate , allowing for improved blood flow, which helps you achieve mind blowing orgasm.

Here are some of the reasons you can achieve the big O by donning a pair of socks;

  • It helps with relaxation; wearing socks can help provide a certain level of comfort, allowing you feel relaxed and providing you with a higher chance of orgasming.


  • No cold feet; getting distracted during sex is a major turn off, and it has been proven that getting a cold feet can provide as much distraction as your phone going off in the middle of the big act.


  • Reduces insecurity; as much as it sounds weird, most women do not enjoy being completely naked during sex. Having the socks on can help boost self confidence and leads to pleasurable sex and chances of getting the big O.


  • Screams sexy; it’s sexy walking around in your birthday suit with nothing but a knee length socks on. This can drive your partner wild, and ready to put in more effort for that wild act.


  • It gives him something to take off during sex; you know how sexy it looks watching your partner tear off the last piece of clothing on you mid-sex? It adds a special kind of drive to the act.


  • Satisfaction; wearing socks during sex can make you feel a whole lot better, which guarantees pleasure from you and your lover leading to satisfaction and a better sex life.


  • Healthier; having fulfilling sex can improve your immune system, make you feel relaxed and keep you glowing.

Despite the reasons mentioned above, it may still seem weird having sex with socks on, but a trial may be more convincing. Moreover, who doesn’t want to have more mind blowing orgasms. Why don’t you try it out today and don’t forget to let us know.


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