Some Eggs don’t go bad,They were born that way!

I remember those times,I was still living with both parent. My Mum used to group us in two: her “good” girls in one group and then me in the I never swapped to the other group rather I pulled my sisters over to my side (not like they needed to be cajoled or anything). In my eyes, we were pretty much the same, after all we were made from the same cloth, we grew in the same neighbourhood. How different could we be?
But then, as we grew older, we regrouped ourselves albeit unconsciously.(Oh, I forgot to mention that I have 3sisters).And now Out of the four goddesses my mum bore(I like dat,one turned out to be the ideal wife, one has resigned herself to a life of constant denial and pretext, the other two(my baby sis and I) are still trying to find their way. And even though we can’t see farther than next month, somehow we feel our paths will always run parallel to our other sisters. 
  Some girls choose their paths no matter what environment they find themselves.. somehow, we always break loose. Always manage to indulge our urges and scratch that itch…lol. In the end, you either love us or hate us. Either way, we end up in your lives as a goddess, a wife or just the whore next door. 🙂

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