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I'm trying to be serious today..hence the title of this post. These days I'm being extra polite to everybody. Thing is,I've become more conscious of my image and brand. Most people see me as a sex object,which is a kind of a good and ‎bad thing. I mean,I don't mind that most people see me as a sex object only. Its hard not to. I'm not even offended by it anymore. I mean,its the image I've been selling. And you've been buying. That's no one's fault. Its just that sometimes I'd like to talk about something other than sex for a change. I don't know what really,maybe books,toys, phones for instance. You'll be surprised about how much I know of phones. Recently,I found out the fun things I could do with my phone if I just place it in the right places. I mistakenly sat on my phone one evening and then my alarm went off (my phone is usually on vibrate or silent mode). I can't express the pleasure that rippled across my entire body from that short vibration. It was almost the same as the feeling you get from a It felt gooood! Like seriously good! It reminded of this movie Katherine Heigl and Gerald Butler starred in. They were supposed to go on a date and Kate just got this new sex toy. I think it was a vibrator pant or something that came with a remote control. Just when she was going to test drive it,Gerald came by and I can't remember exactly how,but the date somehow became a formal dinner with her boss and someone important and Kate ended up wearing the panties with the remote in her purse to the restaurant. Somehow,the remote fell out and a little boy picked it up thinking it was a special kind of toy.. Just when Kate was trying to get serious, the little monster began to screw her right there in the restaurant,flipping the remote this way and that,sending vibrations up her cooch and Katherine could only moan and whimper like a kitten. It was fun to watch and Butler got a kick out of it too. I can only imagine the number of times she must have squirted in those panties while trying to keep a straight face.

But errrm,that's not all I know about phones though. I know a lot of other serious stuffs too and I take good pictures.

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  • ressurecta
    Posted at 11:59h, 11 September Reply

    lol.. >> P.S. I Love You << Datz d movie.. I lurve your creative mind tho! #TwoThumbsUp deaRie.. xx

  • MzblaQ_
    Posted at 12:12h, 12 September Reply

    Lol.. Tnx,sugar

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