By the time Hank came to pick me from work, I was excited. I haven’t seen my baby in two months. Our last sexual experience was a threesome with a stripper at the local club. It was my idea and I loved it.


The drive home was nerve wrecking. It was an unusual traffic. I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on him. He looked at me every five minutes and smiled lovingly. When we were almost home, he leaned over and whispered “I have a surprise for you. A beautiful gift”

As soon as we got home, I pushed my bedroom door and walked in to meet fresh bed linens and sweet smelling candles.  My room seemed brand new. I took off my jacket and embraced Hank.

“I missed you so much”.  He lifted my face to his and kissed me.

“My surprise can wait. I need you right now.” I said.

“How much did u miss me? Or you missed Big Hank” he pointed to his crotch.

I flicked my eyes at him and we laughed. Then his expression changed into something more intense.

It felt like the first time we made love. My stomach churned. Hank always made me feel a special way.

I moved around the room, picking things up and putting them down.

“Chi?” he was right beside me.  I turned to face him.

He slid his hands at the back of my neck sending shivers down my spine, brought his face to mine and kissed me.


Tenatatively at first, then we went in for it. I was overwhelmed by his bulging thickness, the roughness of his hair, the heat of his body through the thin cotton of his shirt.

I moved my fingers along the leanness of his jaw line, my fingers down the line of his spine.

His shirt button were open and there was his stomach, flat, muscled, a line of dark hair, leading downwards. I watched my hand pop the button on his jeans.

My hands were trembling slightly. I looked at him. He was watching me, his expression beseeching and slowly.  I found myself lowering the zip, the details of his erection visible against his straining trousers.

Leaning over me, his shoulders flexing, he unwrapped me like I was a present.

“Chi. You are a goddess” he said again and again.

His erection felt like silk, soft and hard between my thighs and he kissed me everywhere, from my neck, to my back, to my thighs.

The things he was doing to me, the slow manipulation of his tongue all over my body.

His tongue landed on my pussy and I let out soft moans.  He knew how to please me.

I was in heaven. The heat and the pleasure building up, swelling inside me……

“Don’t stop”, I begged.

“Please don’t stop”.

His tongue was doing wonders inside of me. He kept up the pace and held me to his face.

The pleasure was building, moving up to the top, then after a second of pure nothingness, I exploded. Exquisite pleasure radiating outwards and inwards, afterwaves throbbing through me.

I was having a conversation with myself in my head : “that was amazing”.

He held me afterwards. “You are one of the best things to ever happen to me”.

I kissed him. I tried to reciprocate what he had done to me but he stopped me.

“I came to please you. It’s all about you tonight”, he said.

We went to sleep spooned together, his arm tight around me, reassuring me of his love.

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