I woke up to the fresh smell of candles. The room was dim. I looked around and Hank was nowhere in sight. I searched frantically for my phone.

“Looking for this?” A voice said.

I looked up and met Hank’s gaze. He was holding my phone and smiling. He gave me a kiss and placed the phone in my hands.

“It’s the weekend, you need more rest” he said.

“What’s the time” I enquired.


I went to take a shower and returned back to bed. Hank lay beside me and stared continuously at me.

I picked up a book beside my bed but hank took it away.

“I need to finish the book. It belongs to Cecilia and I have to return it on Monday”

“That can definitely wait. I guess I’m more important than some silly book” he said.

I chuckled.

“Look what you did” Hank pointed down at his crotch.

I ignored and looked away.


He took my hand and I felt his erection. I made a funny face and put my tongue out.


Gently, he bit the back of my neck and said “I want you so bad baby”

I stroked him through his trousers. Under my touch, it thickened and straightened.

Leaning over me, he unzipped his trousers and whispered “I’m gonna fuck you”.

Slowly, he pulled down his trousers and his fully erect penis sprang out.

He kissed me endlessly and took my lingerie off. Then, he took hold of my breasts, weighing them with his hands, caressing my nipples.

I was so wet and I wanted to him inside me so badly. His palms moved slowly downwards until his fingers were between my labia and the entrance of my vagina. I closed my eyes and held onto the sheets.

Our lovemaking was even more intense. His enjoyment of my body made me enjoy it too.

Parts of me that I disliked, he worshiped. His moans were music to my ears.

I was too greedy for him. His penis was made for my satisfaction.

As I neared orgasm, I clutched at him, digging my nails into his shoulders, scared of losing my mind, frightened of the way ahead.

He sensed my fear and held me tight, so the moment of fulfillment was triumphant.

As soon as I stopped shuddering, Hank came too. He slumped against my body, his sweat slicking against my own.

“We have the most incredible sexual energy going on between us” I commented.

“I know baby. You were created just for me”.

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