I waved at Cecilia with her book in my hand.
She gave me a naughty look and put her tongue out.  I headed over to her table.

“Finished the book this morning! It was Douglas all along. He killed all those people. Great novel.  Quite intriguing”
I said excitedly.

Cecilia nodded and continued to give me the naughty stare.
“And you, my friend was busy throughout the weekend.”
“Let me guess, having great sex with Hank!” she chuckled.

I nudged her lightly and blushed.


“You are glowing so it’s obvious” she commented.

“Sex investigator! Well done”

Cecilia laughed.

“Hank always buys you lovely gifts on his trips. What did he get this time?” she enquired, leaning over to my face.

“Take a guess! What is a girl’s best friend?” I teased.

“Uhmmm. Uhmmm……… Diamonds!” Cecilia said.

“That’s right. 6 carats” I commented lowering my top to show off my diamond necklace.

Cecilia looked in amazement. And then she came closer and touched it.

“Hank spoils you silly. The man is truly in love” she said.

I blushed again.

“Must have cost him a fortune! This is so beautiful” she said.

“I know. I’m never taking it off!”

“Don’t tempt me into stealing it” Cecilia said.

“You’d have to kill me first” I confessed.

The rest of the day went well.
Hank sent someone over to bring me lunch. And when I got home in the evening, he was napping on the sofa.

I stared lovingly for a few minutes and touched his arm.

“Hey you” he said and proceeded to kiss me.
“Hey handsome.” I responded.

“Work went well? I had a busy day myself”

“Sorry baby. I’m gonna have a quick shower and join u. The season finale of Scandal starts by 7 and I don’t wanna miss it”

“It’s my favorite series too, remember?”
Then he added “I’ll be waiting”

I cuddled up to Hank 25 mins later. And we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We were more interested in each other. A distraction we enjoyed.

He slid his right hand under my lace top and his left hands felt the diamond necklace he bought for me. He massaged my breasts and stroked my nipples.  My cunt was beginning to respond . I lifted his shorts and stroked his manhood.

An idea flicked in my head. I stopped him and stood up. He seemed confused but amused like he was anticipating my next move .
I proceeded to give  Hank a lap dance and strip tease. Showed off my seductive charm while touched and kissed every part of my body.

When I was done, he said
“Where did u learn that baby? That was amazing.”
“I’m not done with you” I said.

“I’m all yours baby and when we move to a bigger house next year, I’m putting a stripper pole in our room”.

“Shhhhhhhh. I have plans for you”




I dropped to my knees and  took off his shorts. I kissed the tip of his cock and hungrily slid it into my mouth. I sucked fiercely while Hank stroked my hair, his eyes closed as he savoured every moment.

Hank groaned with pleasure when i lapped my tongue around his bulging dick head and tickled the very tip, licking up pre-cum.

“Oh baby” Hank moaned .
“This feels fantastic”.

I gripped his shaft, working my tongue around his wet cock.  I massaged his shaft and my mouth moved up and down on his cock.
I sucked and licked till he came, shuddering and splattering cum all over my mouth.




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