I want to walk the streets at 2am with you counting the stars
With a bottle of beer in one hand and a rolled blunt in another
Reminiscing about memories created we would never remember when sane
And when I kiss you in that high state
Tasting the alcohol in your lips and weed in its tips
Give yourself to me my desired

I love how you moan when my tongue flicks around your neck
And when my hands travel towards your breasts, your breath against me is arousing
In the streets with the sky as our cover I ache to own you
I’m lost in your wild eyes, like the colour of a blooming caterpillar
Spread your legs baby, let me fly
For I am just a butterfly; exploring my freedom

And when my hands tour that road owned by me
Lying on the deserted street alone but with enough company
Your sound is the music of a thousand speakers blasting music to my ears
But the music of your orgasm is what I itch to hear.

Your orgasm is like music
Eruptions blending like earthquake to create cataclysmic beats
Your moans, the subtle keys played in high tempo
Our voices in unison like an acapella

At 2am, these are the sounds made at midnight

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