South African Queen of Body Positivity: Thickleeyonce

She is a photographer, a fashion entrepreneur and a social media influencer. South Africa like any country in Africa painfully rides on the tail of Western fashion, beauty and body standards. The craze to fit in and catch up has taken a toll on many young African girls who cannot help but compare their bodies and lifestyle to the images they see on social media and TV. South African photographer, Thickleeyonce is a beacon of defiant light in a see of wannabes. She has championed the cause of body positivity on and off social media.

Her self-love journey began when she learned to accept herself and her size. On her Twitter, she talked about trying to fit herself into a box for years and how it impacted her negatively. Sharing a topless picture of her voluptuous melanin soaked skin, she said:

Her new found confidence has also opened doors to becoming her best and lliving her best life as a successful and vibrant women. She co-owns a fashion line for plus-sized women and she enjoys photographing women of all sizes and colors.

Recently, she was asked “Do you have to be half naked to be body positive?”

Her epic yet uplifting reply to that was:

Of course not. I think it’s a choice and a comfortability thing. Personally, I believe that I was born to live in swimsuits☀?. My body positivity involves seeing all of me, all the time and getting used to it, so that I don’t cringe when I run into my reflection. It makes dressing up easier…I don’t mind fat rolls showing in my crop top or cellulite showing when I’m in a mini because I’m so used to seeing my naked body. Its crazy cos in the fat community, it’s important to be seen as “respectable” … respectability being “your body must be covered up” a social construct to convince fat people that they’re more likable when they’re fully clothed & that there’s something wrong with them when they reveal their fat…( uhm???!!!?) I have fat peers who won’t wear sleeveless tops, no matter how hot it is, because they have “fat arms”. It could never be me. I deserve happiness and peace and fresh air.

Nothing can dull confidence that is built on true self love and acceptance. Here is why Thickleeyonce is woman crush today and everyday.

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