Spare Keys To The Coochie

I was with Mo' today…lol. Every time we get together the keyword is SEX! Today,she wanted to know why some people can't really break off a relationship. To be more precise,she wanted to know why ex-boyfriends still want to hit that coochie err'time they get the chance. I didn't really have to think long on that…lol. I never break off totally either. Its like giving out a spare key to your apartment. Once a girl give out that key,very few things can make her change the lock. The key is most likely going to open that door for life even when you're both married to other people.

One reason for that is comfort. If you had a good relationship,chances are you'll be very comfortable in each other's presence. You're not self-conscious or edgy around each other. In fact,you look forward to be silly around them. This is why sex with an ex can be more refreshing and relaxed than with a new partner. You know you can run out of the bath naked; You can sit on his face when he's angry; You can turn up with no panties; You don't have to wear makeup; You can let her measure ur dick with her You can be yourself around them,no pretence. Sometimes,no emotional baggage. Just sex. That's why we keep fucking our ex!

Plus they pro'ly know how to hit it better anyway (˘̯˘ )

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