Hey, before you speedily skim through this post because this sex position sounds alien to you, I suggest you calm down and absorb this post in bits. I love this position, the intimacy is top notch and the results even better.

How to perform the Speed bump sex position
The speed bump position is a rear-entry sex position where the receiving partner which in most cases is the woman lies flat on her stomach with a pillow under her stomach and hips and the penetrating partner kneels or lies and enters them from behind.

This position is really hot because you get to feel your partner’s genitals against your ass and for ladies who love a guy pressing up against your ass. You have to try it.
The pros and cons

This sex position is insanely easy to perform. Ladies, this position places enough pressure on the pelvic area and increases total stimulation and when you tighten your legs and apply pressure, you may as well see yourself soaring towards cloud nine. Alternatively, the woman can occasionally raise her legs to help improve sensation. This position is awesome for stimulating the g-spot.
The speed bump position is an alternative position to doggy and is great for deep penetration, although you can get really sweaty with your partner on top of you. But, who cares, great sex is all about the unconventional.

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