I love spicy foods, it’s certainly stimulating to eat spicy foods.  They make you sweat, flush and increase your heart rate, which in turn increase the sensation you might feel in the bedroom. Food with a lot of hot chilies gives me life, and this is because hot chilies are wonderful aphrodisiacs.

Pepper are invigorating spice which have an exotic reputation and a bright red color which could be considered a symbol of love. But there are scientific backing to prove that peppers are wonderful aphrodisiacs.

Chili pepper tells the brain to release endorphin (the brain’s feel good chemicals), which speed up heart rate and makes you sweat, which is most definitely pleasure induce and mimics how you feel when you’re aroused. Along with the internal effects leading to sexual desires, they have temporary external effect that causes the outer appearance of sexual desires such as flushed skin and swollen lips.

Also capsaicin, which is the active ingredient in cayenne pepper causes responses such as increased heart rate and metabolism, sometimes even sweating, which are quite similar to the physical reactions experienced during sex.

Spicy foods might just be the key you need to improve your sex drive. Spicy foods improves female libido because, consuming capsaicin can bring out a slight burning sensation in your nether regions. This is comparable to how your genitals feel when you are aroused, and this tingling makes your brain crave sex. For men, consuming capsaicin boosts testosterone levels and increases sex drive.

Chili pepper are often synonymous with heat and passion. If you can stand the sizzle on your tongue, then you can definitely reap the rewards of this wonderful aphrodisiac. Just make sure you are eating them and not rubbing them on your partner’s body.





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