Stylish, Drop-Dead Gorgeous Fashionpreneurs, DPiper Twins are WCE

What’s better than one fun, stylish sexy and successful black woman? Two! Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper, popularly known as Dpiper Twins are two hard-working black bombshells that set woman crush goals for your woman crush.

These two ladies are God’s gift to a Caribbean mom and an African dad. Although raised in Ghana, they were born in the United states and has made big strides as young entrepreneurs in fashion in their country of birth. Their combined drive and taste has accumulated into amazing success and recognition around the globe.

Why we love them?

Dpiper Twins are the definition of determination and purpose. Their career path seem set in stone from the eyes of many, seeing as they both attended fashion schools from an early age, however, we see two women who doggedly followed their dreams and blossomed into a successful brand.

With all that seriousness and hard determination flowing through their young, beautiful lithe bodies, they still keep us love struck and with stars in our eyes with the elegance of them modelling their own designs. Needless to say, every cut and stitch looks divine on their hot chocolate bods.

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