I can’t place the scent of that perfume, it feels so familiar but at this point my mind is in turmoil. What is a girl doing here, and who is she? The room is quiet for the first 5 minutes before I start hearing sounds of two persons kissing. She is a screamer and I can hear her not so subtle moans. I’m sitting here in darkness, and I wish I could take off this blindfold and watch what was going on.
It’s been more than 10 minutes of hearing her moans and I’m getting turned on. I can feel my wetness in between my legs and I wish I could help myself. My master is giving her orders and I can tell she is carrying them out by her loud moans. I know they are fucking right now because he keeps on slapping her ass, just like he does with me. And with every slap and scream I dig my finger deeper into my pussy. I don’t care if they can see me but this is turning me on completely. Suddenly, everywhere is quiet and I can feel a movement on the bed. Someone is in between my legs. the mystery girl. I can feel her tongue on my clitoris and her supporting finger slides inside my pussy.
My wetness surprises me, she slides in two fingers into my pussy while her tongue pays expert attention to my clits., and in quick succession keeps sliding all her fingers till she is fisting. I shriek out in pain and pleasure, she takes them out and performs the act again before she stops. She moves towards me and kisses me, her lips taste of my pussy juice and sperm, she gropes my breasts in her mouth and I use my spare hand to locate her breasts. Her breasts are big and soft and I wonder what it would be like to suck them. She sucks my breasts eagerly and as she does so, she raises my dress and sits in between my legs, and brings our pussy together.
Then, she begins to grind on me and I can feel every atom of composure in me fly out the window. I have never been fucked by a girl. Our clits are rubbing against each other, she grabs my breasts and I can hear her loud moans mixing with mine. Who knew the pussy felt so good? I’m getting closer to orgasm and I can feel it too with her, we rub against each other, she gropes my hair and grinds harder against me, we are going to cum at the same time.
‘Stop, that’s enough’
I feel her about to descend but in frustration I drag her closer, I know I’m going to get punished real bad by my master, but being in a woman’s pussy has never felt so right.

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