I am a slave, married to the desires of the touch of him who possesses me. I am a slave to the reactions I get when he owns me. I’m a slave driven by the weight of his whips, aroused by his commands. And when he calls I obey. It’s the call that has brought me here. I’m dressed like a porn star in my frilly red transparent lingerie, black heels and red lipstick to match. I’m sitting on the bed with both hands handcuffed to the edge of the bed, and and I can feel my heartbeat palpitate with every sound I hear.
He strides confidently into the room and I can feel my breath seize, it takes me a while to remember to breathe again. That is what he does to me every time. His chest is bare and I feel the urge to worship them with my lips, especially the hairs that are calling to my attention but not today.
‘What have you been up to, not touching yourself I hope’
It’s a mind game he loves to play to remind me of my bondage. His eyes are gleaming in desire? Or lust? With him, you could never be sure. I know he just wanted to fuck.
‘I’m hungry and I want to eat.’
He makes his way towards me and kisses me. it’s not the kind of kiss that leaves you with butterflies but the type that makes your vagina jumpy for a good fuck. He bites my lips and chokes me at the same time leaving my moans stuck in my throat. With his free hand he moves my legs apart and massages my clitoris, choking me harder with each stroke. Suddenly he stops and bends down in between my legs and swallows my juice without any forewarning.
‘Spread your legs wider like a porn star, this is my fucking show’
My legs are shaky and I balance myself with my heel and spread it wider. He slides his tongue in and out of my pussy and uses his fingers to massage my clitoris, the feeling is like being in the galaxy, way above cloud nine and suddenly he stops.
‘Leave your legs open’
He brings out the keys and unhooks one of my handcuffs and bringing out a blindfold, he covers my eyes. I’m confused, what kind of punishment did he have in mind again. I’m sitting there with my legs wide open wondering when I inhale the scent of a girl’s perfume. What possibly have I gotten myself into today.

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