The beauty of sex doesn’t lie only in the heat of the passion, exploration of each other’s bodies in frenzy, heart thumping, chest heaving and so on. Intimacy is also great for sex and what better kind of sex provides the best type of intimacy than tantra.
Tantric sex is for couples interested in rebooting their sex life and exploring depths to their lovemaking. Tantric sex is slow, bothering to creating intimacy and a form of connection between lovers. If it seems confusing, imagine if quickie was a pot of noodles and sex was a pot of white rice, then tantric sex would be a decorated plate of fried rice with salad and everything you can think of. Get the point? Tantric sex requires a great deal of time, effort and patience to achieve orgasms.
Tantric sex is great if you are hoping to reconnect with your significant other, searching for a new form of intimacy or trying to spice up your relationship life.
How to perform Tantric sex
• Imagine the world was nonexistent and you and your partner only had each other. If it helps, turn off the light switch and turn off all distractions.
• It’s impossible to enjoy tantric sex if your body is not free. Loosen up, take a deep breath. Relax, remember nothing else matters anymore.
• You may want to stay off the bed. Tantric sex is slow and takes a lot of time. Avoiding the softness of your bed can make you last longer with your partner, the floor may be better, make sure it’s comfortable but not enough to make you doze.
• Foreplay; experiment with your touches, discover and understand each other’s body, light massages, gentle strokes. Explore your bodies, find out new erogenous zones, the point of this is not to jump into sex but to pleasure your partner in slow steps as you build towards climax.
•Don’t stop breathing. You mind may wander away but don’t forget to keep on breathing and remember you are alone in the world at that moment, reconnection and pleasure is all that matters. Close your eyes and use your imagination to monitor breathing in and out of your body.
• Focus on the newly discovered erogenous zones and continue teasing, alternate between those erogenous zones, focus on other’s body parts and get back to them. Slowly and passionately.
• Look into each other’s eyes throughout. Intimacy is about creating connection, don’t forget to stare into each other’s eyes, place your hands on your partner’s chest and relax. Sex is all about connection.
Tantric sex positions include

The padlock;
Hold a counter and wrap your legs around your man’s waist and allow him take control of the situation by grabbing onto your hips or butt. Lean and rest back on your hips or elbow to create a bit of distance and enjoy the sexy view of your lover

Time bomb;
Give your partner a chair and have him sit. Lower yourself to him until your feet touch the floor to get full penetration. You own this position, but your man can grip on your butt or hips to guide you into rhythm. Move according to your pace till you achieve orgasm.

The double decker;
You may begin by sitting in the reverse cowgirl position and lay him back against his chest. Take control by pressing your feed against the bed to create a sliding movement. Enjoy his warm breathing and monitor for cues when to slow down or go faster.
Remember tantra is not about the exhibition of sexual prowess but the creation of intimacy and achieving pleasures. If during your first try you do not last longer than 15 minutes, do not fret, try again, practice makes perfect. Have a fun filled sex life.
Happy Valentine’s day lovers

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