It’s been ages I whiffed the scent of David and it was beginning to drive me insane, instead all I did was masturbate to the words he  sent to me on WhatsApp or touch myself when he gave me orders. I kept imagining possible ways to torture him when I finally saw him, scenarios I had acted out in my head for weeks now but…

I’m sitting in David’s house feeling excited after smoking up my blunt and a few cups of Vodka at his request. The scenarios in my head have gotten completely blank as he lifts my face and cups my lips into his, while I taste the Vodka and the faintest taste of weed I had passed to him when I smoked. His hand rests at the back of my head while he presses his lips deeper into mine devouring me with an unexplained hunger. He raises my blouse and unhooks my bra, grabbing one at a time and twirling around them with his hungry tongue while his finger strokes my neck. And in the same manner he dances around my belly with his tongue, asks me to finally lie back and pours vodka on my belly button and sucking it immediately. I am burning with desire, eager to have him inside of me as I watch him take down my panties with his teeth and an evil grin.

‘I want you to touch yourself like you do when I call you’ I feel like I’m going to explode very soon, I am not here for games but his triumphant expression makes me change my mind.

My hands are resting on my breast, and I draw eager circles around them, caressing and touching my nipples until it gets perky, I take few drops of that Vodka and splash on my body, from my nipples to my belly button, continuing this ritual intermittently until I’m wet enough. His expression hardens when I slid my fingers into my pussy and I’m surprised at how wet I have become, I mix my juice with my vodka and slide a finger into my mouth, I tasted good. I continue the ritual increasing the number of fingers I put in and my pace. A sound of desire escapes from my lips and I’m surprised at how good this feels knowing I’m being watched. I slid four fingers at once and cry out in desire, exploring my clits with my other finger, I am completely overtaken by passion when I feel his hardness press up against me, he doesn’t say much, but he is consumed by the same passion I portray. I feel his tongue licking up the juice on every inch of my body, then he goes down on me performing the same magic with his tongue and fingers until I feel my body shaking in pleasure while he continues drinking up my juice after my orgasm.

He stops and slides into me, in soft thrusts until it progresses to wild ones, grabbing my hair and choking me almost at the same time, and it is in this wildness that we both ride, pushing our hips in a wild frenzy till I orgasm and he splashes the remains of his cum all over my face.



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