It’s been two weeks since my last episode with David, you remember him? I’ve been having another dick on the side. I mean I’m single and learning to fully understand my body. It’s a full house but I’m bored, my friends are busy chattering about and there is this undercurrent when it comes it flowing animosity which I want to avoid at all cost. David has not mentioned anything about the last time but we have been talking. I should be bold as well as single, I send a dirty picture with a dirtier write up to him on Whatsapp.

‘you know am ready to tear you up, now much can you take’ he replies to the picture I send

‘what are the possible things you can do’ I smile to myself

‘you’ll know, just allow me be a beast with you’

‘tell me, I’m your beauty’

‘lol, are you sure. I want to go full beast on you, take every inch of your flesh for me. My tongue, gently caress you from your lips, down to your neck, put a little bite on it… make my way to your soft ear, tongue you a little right there. Before I gently make my way down to your sweet little breast and get a mouthful of it, get a bite on those nipples.  Make sure I suck on it a lot. And I wasn’t done kissing your lips, all along touching your clit lightly, making sure its busy’

My nipple was hardening and my breath quickened but I was daring, he needed to get turned on thinking about me which was his form of torture.

‘sounds like something’ I reply

‘and getting ready for the pleasure it will be receiving when my tongue leaves your nipples and makes its way to the opening right there. Just the tip of my tongue touching very lightly, while my fingers are still there. Yes, I never said just one finger, I’m thinking since you’ve been a bad girl at some point I’ll have to punish you’

‘punishment, ive never had that’ I giggle to myself

‘but my tongue isn’t going in, no, not yet. Not while you still have your hands, no. your hands would be tied up, because I would slide my tongue in, you will have no way to touch anything. And I put my tongue all the way in, make some twist and gentle licks. When I’m done, ill have no other choice than to put my really hard DEEP into your mouth. Deep enough while I close your nose with my hands. Yes, ure going to take every single air you need through my dick, you’re sucking the whole thing baby.’

‘fuck, don’t turn me on’ my friends are staring at me now, I’m so wet.

‘and I will get a little beating on that your ass. I know you like that babe. Then im going in, and you should know. Im never gentle with that, ill beat up that pussy real good. And im going to be finding out how your legs can stretch. Cos im about to do a lot with you’

‘tell me about it, I love it’ I wanted to type obscene words badly, but I needed him to tell me more things

‘I will be twisting you, you know im a lot stronger. So im going to be twisting and turning to get my dick on every side of your pussy. I want to leave you sore baby, really sore after everything. And babe I’m not going to stop even if you ask. I will make sure that pussy gets really hot’

‘no safe word?’

‘I’d be putting a lotta work on that pussy. You are not going to be safe. If you want safe, its not going to be me. I told you I was a beast. It will be painful I assure you, but it will be every bit of pleasure’

Its getting pretty late but all I want to do is be with him.

‘where are you, and what are you doing?’

‘im home, with my friends, thinking dirty thoughts’

‘I want you to go inside the toilet, go with your phone’

‘yes sir’


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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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