Dear Mahogany 

There is this guy I have known for two years now and recently he just asked me to be his girlfriend. I love him a lot but I’m worried about telling him about my sexuality.

He knows I’ve gotten intimate with girls before because I mentioned it to him once but I didn’t tell him it had happened more than once and I find myself getting attracted to girls just for the fun of the intimacy and nothing more. He has mentioned that he would love to have a threesome and I find it cool but sometimes he criticizes lesbian girls saying he doesn’t understand them.

He has never questioned my sexuality but I don’t think id want to hide it from him and at the same time I don’t know if his aversion for lesbians extends to bisexuals, how do I tell him without ruining the relationship.

Mercy 23.


Dear Mercy

Thanks for contacting and trusting us. The issue of homosexuality in this part of the world is still frowned upon by so many persons which may explain why your boyfriend expresses mixed emotions towards the topic. Considering the fact that he knows about your escapade with a girl and it did not deter him from making advances towards you might mean that he doesn’t consider it a big deal in your relationship.

I would suggest that you try to find his view on bisexuality and know how best to address the issue. Prepare your thoughts and know how to bring up the topic, telling him how you feel and what being bisexual means to you, you may want to study the issue on ground to be able to answer questions if he poses any. Telling your boyfriend, you may be bisexual may be emotionally draining, so I suggest you find a friend who can serve as a confidant. Set the mood for the discussion to reduce any form of discomfort or shyness, and try to be honest with him a s much as possible bearing in mind that it may come as a shock to him. Be ready for any reply and understand his decision when he comes to one. He may not agree at once but give him time to assimilate and come to a conclusion.

I hope this helps you as you decide to make this big decision.




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