The girl from Downtown 2

My day continued as usual, same workload, same office pressure. The only difference was that whenever Sewa and I made eye contact, she always met me with a frown instead of her usual seductive smile which somehow had the ability to light up my body and send sparks of hormones all around my system. Sometimes I would smile at her in hopes that she would smile back, but instead she just ignored me and strangely, I could not cope with Sewa ignoring me.
I tried to speak with her during break, but I couldn’t get to talk to her alone, she was always surrounded by other colleagues who were trying to shoot their shot at her. I decided to wait till closing hour to speak with her.
As the closing hour drew near, my heart began to race, in my head, I was pondering on what to say to her. I tried to compose the right words, but nothing made sense. Sometimes I felt like giving up and running home, but I knew that would be the worst mistake of my life. It was now or never, I had to get Sewa at all cost.
One by one people started to leave the office, but Sewa remained at her workstation. Occasionally, someone would stop by her workstation to ask her why she wasn’t going home yet or what time she was going home. Others even offered to give her a ride home, but she declined all offers, instead she said she was waiting to finish her report and that her boyfriend was coming to take her home. With that, every other guy backed down, but I knew there was no boyfriend anywhere coming to get Sewa, I also knew there was no job report for her to complete. Sewa was simply waiting on me.
Nobody bothered to ask why I was still in the office, everyone knew me as a workaholic. I wouldn’t go home until I finished all my task, and today, Sewa was my task. Soon the office was empty, except for Sewa and me. The time was right, but first I made my way to the technical room to ensure all the cameras in the office was off. I didn’t want to get caught in the act I was about to perpetrate. Office romance is strictly prohibited, and if everything went well between Sewa and I today, we would be having more than an office romance, we would most likely be taking each other clothes off.
By the time I got back to the office, Sewa was nowhere to be found, immediately I developed a mini heart attack. I almost couldn’t breath anymore, I just wanted to die. I walked towards her workstation and there I found a note.
“Meet me in the conference room”.
Instantly my vibe was renewed, I was excited. Every part of my body was hyperactive even my dick was getting hard. Images of what would be the scene in the conference room scrolled through my head. I immediately wanted to rush to meet Sewa in the conference room, but remembered who I was and decided to play it cool instead. I adjusted my tie and my shirt and walked majestically to the meet my lady.
As I opened to the conference room, the sight was heavenly, I was completely mesmerized, I couldn’t even take another step forward. The sight was everything I imagined and more. Sewa lay seductively on the broad table wearing nothing but a white lingerie that complemented her beautiful glossy skin. Sewa had a sleek skin with well defined curves. Her body outline flowed is a flawless and sophisticated way, gracefully accentuating every curve and turns of her body. From her lacy bra, I could see the form of her breast, I could tell they were plum and supple. I was certain they would be juicy with so much pulp. My mouth instantly began to water. The view from her waist to her hips, down to her hips and vagina was like two beautiful hills coming together to form a valley, and I was certain that the end of the valley, I would meet a mesmerizing river.
I was so carried away by the sights that I was seeing, I was hypnotized. All I wanted to do was to go up to her and hold her, to feel every inch of her skin, to worship her sexually like the sex goddess that she was. Sewa beckoned me to come closer and I did. When I was close enough, she took me in her arms and kissed me, a sweet passionate kiss, I felt like she was drawing my soul out of my body with her kisses, I was lost in this ambiance. Slowly my hands found their way to Sewa’s waist as our tongues intertwined and flourished in each other’s saliva. Her skin was just as I imagined, smooth and silk. It felt like it could be moulded into another form if I applied enough pressure. I allowed them travel down her waist feeling her hips till I got to her butt. Perfect baby soft butts, I smacked them and enjoyed as they giggled in my hand. My penis was as hard as an igneous rock, the way blood rushed in I felt like my penis would explode if I do not release the pressure built in it very soon. I was sweating all over, but I still had so much to do to complete my worship to this goddess.
I decided to take my attention away from my body and focus on Sewa. I let go of her kisses and instead proceeded to plant soft kisses on her neck, travelling down to her clavicle, I stopped when I got to her mid-clavicle and retraced my steps until I got to her left ear. As I buried my tongue deep into her ear, she turned and twisted in my arms, moving like a slimy catfish seeking an escape route. I pulled my tongue out of her ear and looked into her dark eyes, as my hands made their way to her back, trying to unhook her bra. Her bra came off easily and my hands came up to feel her soft, supple breast. I couldn’t resist the hunger anymore, so I buried my mouth in her right breast as I teased and fondled with her left breast. She moaned and twisted, calling my name in a soft and sensational pitch. That was the first time someone would ever call my name in a sweet tone and would still be capable of sending jolts of hormones through my body. I took my time, enjoying every inch of her breast, using my tongue to tease her nipple, enjoying as she tried to wiggle free from my grip, taking my time as I transitioned from left breast to right breast.
I decided to travel the length of her body with my tongue, lapping as I got to her navel. Her navel was like a shallow hole where puddle of water was supposed to be. I loved the way she heaved for breath, taking in deep breath and heaving out.
I slowly took away her pants, revealing a smooth well shaved dark vagina, it looked like a rich dark chocolate and I only wanted to take a bite. I buried my nose in between her vulva and caught the swift smell of her honeycomb. It smelled like the sea with I mixture of sweet berries. I didn’t even realise when I started to lap.
Oh! She was delicious, quite refreshing. Surprisingly, every lap made me hunger for more. Her juice was ravishing, making me want to eat her more and more. I stroked her clitoris with my thumb while sticking my fingers into her vagina making her moan. Twice I felt her climax against me, I could feel her body becoming from every sensation I was giving to her.
It didn’t take long before I thrust my already hard dick into her, gliding and swimming. Her pussy welcomed my dick with so much love, clinching an embracing it with so much affection. Soon I was howling, by muscles were contrasting, my nerves were relaxing. I knew my release had come, it wasn’t long before I gave out jolts of hot cum deep into her humble pussy.
What a day it had been, Sewa was all I had imagined and more. We got dressed and I drove her to her apartment, but not until we stopped by a pharmacy to get her some contraceptives.

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