The Male Equipment


I’ve been thinking lately about the male phalluses and the names they get from both the possessors and users of this objects. As usual I turned to Google for directions and guidance…oh and well, I found the most amazing list of the names this objects bear. Please, don’t laugh too hard at the beginning cause you’ll laugh till the end of the list. I almost choked on my smoke…lol. Enjoy!

·         Action Jackson                                                   

·         Admiral  Winky

·         Afro man                                                             

·         Albino cave dweller                                          

·         Anaconda                                                           

·         Anal spear                                                          

·         Ass wedge                                                           

·         Astral god                                                            

·         Baby maker                                                           

·         Bad boy                                                                  

·         Banana                                                                  

·         Bayonet                                                                

·         Beaver cleaver                                                      

·         Beef stick                                                                

·         Big Jim and the twins                                           

·         Big Mac                                                                    

·         Biggus dickus                                                           

·         Blunt(I like this one)                                               

·         Bone-her                                                                  

·         Brutus                                                                        

·         Captain Kirk                                                             

·         Cherry-popping daddy                                            

·         Cigar(I can imagine why)

·         Cock

·         Cockus erectus?

·         Cum pump

·         Dick

·         Dipstick

·         Dong

·         Dr Feelgood

·         Dr Wang

·         Equipment

·         Early riser(I can testify to this)

·         Elvis

Lmao! I swear, I wish I could paste the whole thing here. But the list is end less! Almost 200 names!. My favorites are: Moby Dick, Meat, Lunch, Blunt

  • A-9ja-Great
    Posted at 09:08h, 24 July Reply

    Hahahahaha Crazy name! Cockus erectus and Big Jim and the twins are my favs.

    Nice and crazy blog you've got here.I'm following too.

  • MzblaQ_
    Posted at 12:08h, 24 July Reply

    tnx hun,ff urs too

  • Adewhalaay
    Posted at 19:23h, 03 May Reply


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