The Mekwe Playlist

Hi guys. My name is Dewa. I’m a “Little” and a big music enthusiast amongst other things.

Music is known to affect humans in a variety of ways and it is undeniably a part of our daily activities. Whether you’re making hits in the studio, trying to wade through traffic, slicing tomatoes in the kitchen or “Komoleing” at a owambe, music stays with us. Some music makes you think deeply, others make you happy while some are for making babies. I’m sure if we take a survey of how many people create playlists for the different activities in our lives, a majority would answer in the positive.

Well, my main focus today is on the playlist I’ve come to tag “The Mekwe Playlist”. Music can be a great aphrodisiac if properly curated. Music acts to set the mood for the act. A bad playlist can drown ones libido as fast as it can tingle it.

For those wondering what “MEKWE” means, it’s a word from the twitter sphere that originated circa 2016 and simply put it means “Kpansh”, “Shag”, “Bang”, “Shoki”, “knack” and whatever other words you chose to use in describing that pleasurable activity. The word has come to be one of my favorite words for our God-given pleasurable activity so forgive me if I overuse it.

For those of you who haven’t gotten around to creating a playlist, I shall curate weekly, Mekwe playlists for your pleasure, but first, here’s one I found on soundcloud.

Have an orgasmic weekend.

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