Dripping of caramel melanin and sultry chocolate, handsome with yummy muscles and dimples that can make you salivate. Well, the name may sound quite foreign but this touch of dripping chocolate goodness has been gracing our screens for quite some time now and believe me he is here to stay.

Born Oladayo A. Okeniyi, the 29-year-old Nigerian born actor, earned his place on the screen in our hearts after his role as Thresh in The Hunger Games and Danny Dyson in Terminator Genisys andhas been on the move ever since. The actor in an interview with Seventeen in his open minded nature admitted to having a crush on Sofia Vergara and confessed to being a dreamer. (Can I be in your dream)

Despite moving to the United States, Dayo Okeniyi still has a love for Nigerian food and his Nigerian roots and to visits home regularly. A big fan of fashion, although he describes his personal style to what brings his comfort and is tailored fit. Dayo has shown interest in the Nigerian fashion industry same with every other thing Nigerian.

This actor may not be everyone’s sweetheart for now, but his simplicity, down to earth nature and of course hotness has me captivated.And we should watch out for him because he is here to stay. Dayo has shown us that you don’t need to look like a hulk to be a terminator. Slay in every size you come in.

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