The Perfect Penis Size For One-Night Stands And Long-Term Relationships

What is the perfect penis size? We are as curious as you are. To start with the perfect  penis size is more about choice and how it fits and less about perfection.

75 women were asked the same question and their replies proved that women really have two (2) choices in the matter.

Turns out, women had a different penis size for short term relationships like one night stands, casual sex, extra marital affairs, and another size preferred for long term relationships like marriage.

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One Night Stands


Turns out in this case, bigger is better after all. When asked, women opted for a thicker (not longer) penis for a one night stand or an affair. Why? Well, why not?  We all want to make the best of a one night stand or an affair. A penis that fills you up in places you have not been filled in recent times tends to make the sex more fulfilling, they say.

Also, the thrill of a bigger penis adds to the overall feeling women take out of a one night stand.

Long-term relationship


Yes. This is were size no longer matters. To start with, when a woman is in a relationship that she is committed to for the long term, she is in it for more than penis size. There’s more to a man than what size of junk is packing afterall.

Still, some women would prefer a size that’s comfortable, and fits just OK.

Our take is, every vagina has a penis that fits perfectly in length and width. But then again, the vagina is elastic and with time, any monstrosity can fit in just right. For women settling into a long term relationship with a man with a smaller penis, you can always  find creative ways to make it work for you.

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