Have you tasted the breath of my lover’s lip?
It doesn’t taste like the remains of chocolate and strawberry
Or the savoury taste of vanilla and mango
It tastes like the scent of after coffee, the wafts of inhaled smoke, the after taste of smoked sativa.
My lover’s tongue is intoxicating; the way the smoke chases you into the abyss of your throat
Or caressing, when calmed with gulps of chilled drink at once?
That was how his tongue hypnotized yours
Following you like the smoke did, deeper, deeper…
But it was in his lips I found pleasure
They were not pink, but coloured in black
Darkness was the taste of ashes mixed with chocolate
Harsh but soft
So soft, bullet drink; harsh _ mixes of gin
My lover tasted like a crown of burnt sativa
My aphrodisiac

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