The triangle; who do I pick?

Dear Mahogany,
I can’t seem to choose between these two men. There’s my first lover, we’ve been together for 5yrs now. He loves me and I love him very much. I was a virgin when we met and he waited patiently for me to be ready without pushing at all, maybe that’s because I give good head. I finally let him have sex with me after 2 years of us dating and the sex is amazing. There’s this other guy I met last year and I don’t know how it happened but I found myself in a relationship with him. He’s caring and really amazing, he loves me very much almost more than my first lover and I love him too but the sex isn’t as good. I can’t keep juggling both of them, it is killing me. I love my first lover and I want to be with him but I think letting my second lover go would be a mistake I love them both. Pls help, who do I pick?

Dear Anonymous,
I don’t think it is entirely possible to love two people. You may like them both but you definitely love one more than the other. I can’t help you make this decision as it is you that holds the key to your happiness. Yes, we are sometimes selfish and we want to go with the person who loves us more but sometimes the heart wants what it wants. As much as I can’t help you make a choice I can give you some tips that should help you

  • Make a list of reasons why you love either of them
  • Make a list of why you think they love you
  • Close your eyes and think up a whole life with both of them including the fights, the happy times, etc
  • Pick the person you see standing by you through all of life’s struggle, the one you see yourself with when you’re grey and old and tired.
  • Stick to your choice
  • Have no regrets

You see, when we love someone, we want to share our happiest moments with them and also our saddest moments. Think of a happy thought, close your eyes and see the face of the one you want to share it with. You’ll see that only one face will concurrently appear

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