The Truth About The Vagina

Like many of us, you probably grew up hearing all the wrong things about your vagina. Vagina myths and trash talk, out weighs the facts and the truth about this beautiful body part. For centuries, people have shamed, blamed and cooked up all sort of tales and garbage stories about the vagina and passed it on to their innocent unsuspecting children, male and female.

Little wonder no one really seems to know much about how it works, let alone differentiate between facts and fiction

The Truth About the Vagina

1. It was not made for the sole purpose of making babies

No, sir. The vagina is a pleasure spot designed for more than merely pushing our babies. Maternal tendencies is NOT present in all women. Yes, is perfectly designed to fit the purpose of making babies, but not solely. Even though some of the holy books and our mothers encourages pushing  a herd of babies out of it, having children demands more than merely owning a vagina.

2. It does not wash itself out

Weirdly, this debate made it into the 21st century. You would think that by now, we would have come to terms with the fact that the vagina does not have an auto-rinse button?

Yes, the vagina is self-cleansing much like your ears but imagine leaving all that wax in there all month long? Same goes for vagina secretions. Leaving it lying there in your vulva and eventually seeping into your panties will stink up the whole place in two (2) days tops.

3. It doesn’t make you weak

The common belief that having a vagina stamps you as FRAGILE and automatically exempts women from some sports and activities is FALSE. If anything, a pair of balls and a penis is far more fragile than a vagina. We have everything tucked in and out of harms way.

4. It does not smell funny

Granted,personal hygiene (like waiting for the vagina to clean itself), certain medications and untreated infections can cause the vagina to smell funny and offensive, but it does not smell bad in normal conditions.

Maintaining good hygiene, staying away from scented anything and getting treatment for all infections as fast as you can, takes care of any worries in that area.

5. It gets wet all on its own

Again, the vagina is not a mechanical tool like a sprinkler. It does not produce water timely all the time. Getting wet is different from one woman to the other AND only during sexual intercourse or when turned on by sexual thoughts. The amount of secretions varies from one woman to the other but staying well hydrated helps.


6. First Time does not ALWAYS hurt

That intense pain you are supposed to expect from your first time sex is largely exaggerated. The hymen (a small piece of flesh covering the opening of the vagina) stretches to accommodate the penis and can cause a little pain, but it is hardly the same for all women.

7. All vaginas DO NOT look a certain way

No, ma’am. You are perfect down there. Comparing two vaginas is much like comparing two faces. Every line, crease, dimple are unique to every  woman. Besides, there are over a dozen categories that the shape of your vagina could fall into.


8. There is always something wrong

FALSE. You don’t have to spend all that time at the pharmacist or the hospital every month, unless there’s really something wrong.

The vagina is not nearly as problematic as most women have been taught to believe. If you maintain a good hygiene, run routine High Vaginal Swabs (HVS) every three months, use protection or maintain an exclusive monogamous relationship, your vagina should be just fine.

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