These are the 4 Best Times to Have Sex

Sex on a schedule is not a lot of fun but it is better than no sex at all. Having regular sex in a marriage, a romantic relationship keeps the intimacy alive and makes you both feel desired and wanted. Adult problems and crazy work schedule may get in the way, but it shouldn’t knock your sex life off the table. So, here is a list of 4 best times to have sex

1. For Married Couples 

As you’ve likely noticed, men often wake up with erections. So instead of making him wait all day, set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier on a work day and have a quickie first thing in the morning. You might enjoy it more, too. With long hours at work and long drives through traffic, evening sex is hard to keep in your schedule.

2. For Mind-blowing Orgasm

The day you’re most likely to experience a mind-bending orgasm is actually the day before you get your period. When blood accumulation makes your uterus heavy, contractions are more possible during orgasm, and your labia and clitoris tends to be more sensitive when you retain fluids.


3. For Confidence in between the sheets

Get it on after a sweaty workout session. A study from the University of Florida found that people tend to feel more confident after a workout, whether or not they lost weight or got fitter. So even if you don’t look different from your workout, you think you do. That improved self-esteem could make you freer between the sheets. Maybe you’ll even leave the lights on!

4. To Restart The Fire

The longer you’ve been with your partner, the harder it is to be creative in the bedroom. And missionary style every Saturday night can get a little boring. To mix things up, pick a weekday to surprise steamy sex. Make the effort to look and smell good for them too.


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