These Things Matter More Than Penis Size

When it comes to starting a relationship and sustaining it, penis size is hardly a factor. There are maybe a dozen and one more important things that determines which way your relationship will go and trust me when I say the size of your junk is not it.

Here’s at least 5 things that matter more than penis size:


No matter the size of your penis, if there’s no attraction between you two, you’ve got nothing. Fact is if they are not attracted to you you may never get to show off what ever size you are swinging.



Sexual experience is much like driving experience. You know which potholes to avoid. You know which roads lead where and how to get too  your passenger to their destination faster. A man with enough sexual experience and knowledge of how the body of a woman works, is more likely to satisfy her, no matter the size of tool.



Remember what we learnt in DOES SIZE REALLY MATTERS? Turns out women only care about three things when it comes to penis sizes; how it looks, how it can be used and whether or not it would hurt. Overall, creativity is the icing on the cake. No matter the size of your junk, if you lack the imagination, you’ve got nothing.



Ofcourse we don’t expect you to ask for a sexual history on the first or second dates. We don’t imagine you making a list of fetishes and sexual preferences and comparing notes. No. But communication is the fuel a good sexual relationship runs on. Talking about their limits and lil kinks as your relationship progresses will open the door to better sex.


Mental Connection

“Make love to my mind, and you can make love to my body”. This should be the tenet all relationships should start with. What’s physical attraction without mental connection?

I think you will agree with me when I say these five (5) things takes center stage when starting and sustaining a relationship. Penis size REALLY hardly matters.

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