Periods can be so messy,ugh. I mean if there was a better way of knowing you were not pregnant, then we would all opt for the lesser evil. The stress of periods can be exhausting. The issue of dealing with cramps, mood swings, tender breasts, runny stomach and everything that comes with periods are usually irritating. Although, nothing may completely annihilate the mixed feelings that comes with periods but perhaps the only assurance we can get from periods is knowing that your sanitary towel does not increase your discomfort.
There are varieties of sanitary towels to choose from in the market, the good, the bad and the extremely uncomfortable. The sanitary pad you should use should be comfortable without giving you rashes or getting you stained and leaving you all itchy. With this in mind, let’s explore the factors to be considered in choosing a sanitary pad.
Periods flow may differ from person to person and days to days. But, a good sanitary towel should be able to absorb period flow, keeping you dry for about 5 hours before making you feel like your pad was soaked into a bucket of water. Your pad should be able to absorb the blood keeping it locked in the central core.
What guarantees comfort other than absorbency is the texture. Soft and skin friendly sanitary towels should be used to avoid bruises, rashes, irritations, boils and other extreme skin conditions during your cycle.
The thickness of the sanitary towel depends on the user. There are varieties of sanitary towels made to cater to such needs, ranging from regular flow to heavy flow and light flow. The thickness of the sanitary pad should be determined by you with other consideration in mind.
Sanitary pads come in different styles. Some are winged and others are not. Personally, I’m not a fan of sanitary towels without wings, because winged towels provide me with better comfort and reduces chances of leakage. The winged pads are highly recommended.
No one wants to wear a pad in the shape of a panty liner especially on the first day of their period. Most pads are 8 inches long and are made to completely cover the vulva down to the anus. The length of the pad contributes to the comfort gotten when you are completely covered. The longer the pad, the higher it’s absorbency.
Just like the extra care we should put into selecting types of clothes, the same consideration should be put into our sanitary towels. There are different materials used in making the sanitary towel. With each skin type different from others, you may prefer a netted layer to a synthetic or soft layer. The type of material determines the comfort and amount of air received by that region. In most cases cotton anion stripped sanitary towels are recommended.
In taking care of your vagina, we have to also consider the sanitary towel used.

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