This Huge Fuckery

Its sad the way we lose this smoking hot brothers to other smoking hot brothers. Its sad. Before this pandemic,girls used to complain that all the good guys are either married or just hooked. Now the story has changed. Our gorgeous brothers are no longer interested in soft flesh and budding nipples or the teasing tenderness of tits and soft tissue. These disease that has eaten up the west is creeping silently down here,stealing its way into our bed,snatching our men from us.

Imagine you drooling over a guy in the bus or cafeteria or on tv,in a mag.. Or even touching yourself to a picture of him for weeks! Only to find out,he's been taken,taken by another brother's bony ass!! Christ have mercy! I don't care what you say or what you think,that's the worst shit ever. The worst thing that could happpen to humans. I mean,what the hell has bones got to do with bones?! What ever happened to "yin yang"?

By now you guys know I'm bi-conscious and all dat..but u can't blame me if I say its easier for my heart to accept the lesser evil. I can excuse bisexual men like Frank Ocean but for the life of me I can't understand the complete dislike for females. How do u pick Adam Lambert over Kim K? How? Its sad. Believe me. And then men like Ricky Martin that go from straight to complete fuckery,baffles me completely. I can't understand .

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