Three Slender Fingers

I've been a ‎bad girl..

He wanted my ass I could tell. It was thrilling to know and see it in his eyes. I wanted him to want it but I wasn't ready to give it. Thinking on it now,I pro'ly won't ever give it. Somehow,we ended up in a motel. We were supposed to go to the bar for a few drinks and we ended up in a room instead. I could tel he was shy. He was waiting for my cue. I wasn't going to give any. I wanted to play the shy game.

Finally,he made the first move. A kiss. Soft,sloppy and sweet. We kissed for a few minutes. I let him touch my breasts…lol…with his slender fingers and soft palms. A few 'yes" and 'no' later,he slipped his right hand in my jeans. One finger in and I felt him feel my wetness. Second finger in and I was moaning softly. He moved those hands like magic wands. My vjjj opened up to him like they were old friends.

And the third finger.. And I'm going "oh..mmmmm…ah.. stop..hmmm" lol. Pleasure rippled across my body. It felt so good,I wanted to smack my lips. My moans urged him on. He began to run his thumb across my clit. I couldn't take it..but I didn't want it to stop. My back arched to his touch. His thumb flicked my clit so expertly.I couldn't help but bite my lips over and over. He tried to put one more finger in but my body couldn't take it.

The way he touched me,the look he gave me,I wanted to jump out of my jeans and on his dick. The way he moved his hand over my boobs,tweaking my nipples once in a while,sent shivers down my spine. I loved it, I didn't want it to stop,so I just kept squirting in his palm 🙂 Thinking on it now,I'm half glad we didn't ruin the evening with real sex 'cause somehow,I doubt his shaft would have been as patient with my coochie as his fingers were or as lasting and fast.

Enjoy the little or slender things 🙂

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