If perhaps the name Tiffany Haddish does not pop up the bells of familiarity, perhaps Dina will. The crazy character in the movie girls trip. A first time look at Tiffany with her great body and pretty face and you might take her to be a regular actress, but there is nothing regular about her. The 38-year-old actress and comedian who won the hearts of viewers with her bluntness in the movie girls trip, has not stopped being amazing. Tiffany found resolve in comedy at a young age and has not stopped ever since.

The actress whose represents comedy in her actual life has said that she wards off sexual harassment with comedy “I always make fun of the guy. I make it a joke. If they touch me, I say, ‘Take your damn hands off me.’ Most of the time they get scared.”. Tiffany may not be the kind of girl to want to keep quiet after such a move has been made on her: “I let everyone know I’m a tattletale. That I will snitch,”. Although she never mentioned who, Tiffany gives hints that she has suffered sexual harassment and her refusal and her outspokenness may have put her career on a standstill. (But, she is here now).

Tiffany Haddish never ceases to humour and educate us at the same time. Her advice on sexual harassment for men which she calls Tiffy Tips, may be the simplest but most honest advice. “If you got your thang thang out, and she’s got all her clothes on, YOU’RE WRONG! YOU ARE IN THE WRONG! Wait till she takes her own clothes off. Then, pull your thang thang out. OK?

The sexy, confident and charming actress deserves to be our Woman Cush for today. Tiffany Haddish has featured in Real Husbands of Hollywood, If Loving You Is Wrong, The Carmichael Show, Keanu and Girl’s trip. She also hosed the 2018 MTV Movie and TV awards, making her the first black woman to host it.

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