Tongue It In

He walked into the room with a confident stride and a penetrating gaze I
feel his eyes swallow mine and I squirm in my chair; there is a longing
between my thighs and a yearning in my bosom. My roving eyes are hidden
underneath my Ray Lin glasses, not an original but I know my touch is.

His lustful gaze lands on my breasts followed by his wandering hands, my
hands are sweaty and a puddle of saliva gathers in my throat choking all
the words I have to say. Taking my head backwards he feasts his lips on
mine, swallowing, biting and chewing, his kisses come slowly at first with
him biting on my lower lip and teasing me with his tongue while my whole
being cries out for more, his fingers twirl around my neck in hidden
circles with  my fingers travelling on his broad chest, he digs his tongue
deep into my mouth so fast I can hardly catch my breath, brings it out and
dives deeply into my mouth, with his fingers buried tighter in my skin. I
shiver as his kisses trail on my neckline, I can feel my juices pouring
from my honey pot, his tongue travels from my numb neckline to the hem of
my dress and using his teeth he takes off my top as my breath travels in
fleeting gasps. I’m a prisoner to this act, my hands are restricted with
the tie he was wearing and hooked to the rails of the window, my small
perky breasts look bigger and my nipples dance greedily under the
incandescent light. His large hands cup my perky eager breasts and I feel
liquid on my other breast…

Ice cream? This guy seems to relieve all my crazy fantasies, I feel the
toppings from the ice cream land on my breasts commanding my nipple to
stand erect, he cups my breasts in his mouth savouring the taste of the ice
cream and my breasts together. He licks off the remaining ice cream that
stays on my stomach with his cold tongue, going back and forth from my
stomach back to my breasts and into my mouth.

He goes lower and buries his cold tongue into my warm coochie overflowing
with my juice, eager to please him. He focuses his tongue on my clitoris
licking and teasing with his tongue while his magic fingers work their way
into my coochie, lowering his head his tongue dives further into my coochie
supported by his two fiddling fingers trying to touch my womb, he removes
his fingers teasingly rubbing my clit gently and licking my coochie, his
tongue journeys inside me like one familiar with the terrain swallowing my
juices, I gasp as his tongue tightens itself around the wall of my coochie.
I turn slightly trying hard to hold my breath since my hands are chained to
the bed post. My moans are stifled by his fingers filled with ice cream as
he commands me to suck.

‘sssh! Baby, let me treat you right’.

‘Suck baby, suck baby, suck it off my fingers, it’s your juice and the ice

He unties my hands feeling them slide into his boxers to his dick and I
shudder in excitement it stands erect, I feel his balls and go down on it,
taking each into my mouth and watch his eyes go wide in pleasure.

‘Nwanneka, Nwanneka, babe what are you thinking of, why are you staring at
Mr handsome, I’ve been looking at you for the past five minutes’ Isioma
stands akimbo looking at me

‘I was not staring at anyone, why are you staring at me that way’ I mumble
to Sandra

‘Hi pretty’ he walks over to me with his hands outstretched and a thin
smile on his face

I wipe my sweaty palms on my top, the same top he took off with his teeth,
the tongue…

‘…Lotanna, and you are?’ ‘Nwanneka. Nice to meet you’.

Finally, a name to go with the face, I mutter to myself. His hands were
just the way I imagined it, coarse and warm, his lips looked soft and that
tongue, ooh that tongue. Yes, take my number, please call me, and please
just fuck me I muttered to myself.

‘I’ll call you Nwanneka’ and with that he walks away leaving me to imagine
what our physical meeting was going to do to me.

About Author /

Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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