Top 10 Recommended G-spot vibrators

G-spot vibrators are pretty much what you might be thinking right now – They are toys created to massage and pleasure your g-spot and vaginal walls to insane orgasms. If you have never squirted before through penetration, you should consider at least one of these g-spot vibrators.

What is the G-spot ?

The G-spot which is also known as the Gräfenberg spot is named after a German-Jewish gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who was one of the early pioneers of sexual health back in the 1920s, the G-spot is typically “found” when making the “come hither” motion with your forefinger curling inward while penetrating the vagina or vulva. It’s hard to say precisely where the G-spot is located, since all vaginal canals are different, and it’s not officially part of a vagina owner’s anatomic structure.

Nevertheless, Some women find that when that area is stimulated enough, they can achieve an orgasm. It’s all about experimentation and personal preference, but you will never know if you have not tried the right toy which is why you need to continue reading this article.

How do you spot a G-spot toy?

A G-spot vibrator typically features a slightly curved, sometimes bulged tip that’s meant to hit the elusive spot. Furthermore, G-spot toys are mostly solely for penetration but some come with a dual purpose of stimulating the clitoris also. The types of g-spot toys that come as clitoral toys come in rabbits, suction and gspot toys etc

Selfie G-spot Vibrator

The Selfie G-spot vibrator is a perfect example of a g-spot vibrator. Curved design with two vibrating motors for intense stimulation. It is quiet yet intense, Rechargeable and water-proof.

Selfie G-spot Vibrator– ₦21,000.00

Dolphin Rechargeable G-spot Vibe

The Dolphin rechargeable g-spot vibe is designed to hit the spot with intensity. In spite of its intensity it is whisper quiet. it is waterproof so you can use it while in your bath tub without any fear of it getting damaged.

Dolphin Rechargeable G-spot Vibe -₦22,700.00

Curved 9-Frequency Warming Vibrator

The Curved 9-Frequency warming vibrator is a flexible toy that bends to your desires. The biggest flex of this g-spot vibe is that you can bend and apply as much pressure a you require by your self. It is rechargeable so you can avoid the stress of changing batteries

Curved 9-Frequency Warming Vibrator – ₦19,500.00

Double Stimulating Rabbit Vibrator

The double stimulating rabbit vibrator is highly recommended if you love clitoral stimulation as much as you love penetration. It is 100% body safe and water-proof, also comes with a USB cable for fast charging.

Double Stimulating Rabbit Vibrator – ₦25,000.00

Lush Vibrator-Gspot

G-spot toys don’t have to long and conspicuous! So if you love your toys handy and discreet then the Lush g-spot vibe is for you. Fast charge cable included, it is splash proof so you can properly wash it and it come in a medical grade silicon that is body safe.

Lush Vibrator-G-spot – ₦29,000.00

Magic Clitoral G-spot sucking vibrator

There different sensations that works for different people, for some it will take a suction toy combined with a g-spot toy to get them to climax. If these pleasure patterns describe then you need the Magic clitoral and G-spot sucking vibe.

Magic Clitoral G-spot sucking vibrator – ₦ 31,700

Mahogany’s Naughty Girl Rabbit

If you love high vibrations and leg shaking orgasms then you are in luck! Mahogany’s Naughty Girl rabbit has a curvy design at the tip for easy g-spot stimulation and thick bunny ears to stimulate your clitoris. It is so intense you will loose count of your orgasms. Rechargeable, magnetic fast charger included and the silicon has a velvety finish that completes its cute look.

Mahogany’s Naughty Girl Rabbit -₦33,000.00

Pretty Love Dylan Rabbit

The pretty love dylan rabbit simulates the life-like “come hither” finger penetration technique with intense vibration enough to drive you crazy! the bunny ears also softly stimulating your clitoris. You need this rabbit in your life!

Pretty Love Dylan Rabbit ₦33,500

Pretty Love Thrusting And Rotating Rabbit

Most times when women want to purchase sex toys, they look for something that simulates the real life thing. Well if you are in this category of women The Pretty love thrusting and rotating rabbit will be a great choice for you. The rabbit thrusts and rotates at the same time giving your g-spot maximum stimulation while your clitoris enjoys sweet stimulation from the bunny ears.

Pretty Love Thrusting And Rotating Rabbit – ₦36,700.00

Wave Suction Vibrating Toy

The wave suction and vibrating toy has a ribbed finishing at the tip that enables more textured stimulation during penetration. The Wave suction toy also has a top feature makes it a “go-to” g-spot toy for women which is the air pressure technique that sucks the clitoris while pleasuring your g-spot! dual stimulation is said to make women climax faster and for its versatility, this should definitely make it to your top list of g-spot toys.

Wave Suction Vibrating Toy – ₦24,000.00

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