Everyone wants to be the master of their partner’s pleasure, to excite their lover and be the god of sexasutra, (lol, if there was a word like that). But, unfortunately there is no direct formula to being the master of the game but there are ways to up your game.
The body is like a labyrinth with mysterious places which may seem ordinary to the human eye but it’s so capable of stimulating all the hidden emotions you may have buried. We are all aware of pleasurable parts on our body that turn us on when touched like our clitoris, breasts, vagina and so on. But do you know there are places on your body when touched can conjour feelings unknown.

• Ears
Maybe I’m not the only person that has experienced intense pleasure when touched in the ear and if you have you should get this. The ear contains a ton of tiny nerve endings that send pleasurable response to the brain. Start by tracing the outline of your partner’s ear with your tongue. Kiss and massage the earlobe and nibble on it softly. The tongue to ear penetration is a entirely sexy and although not everyone is comfortable giving or receiving it. It’s best to build the excitement from gentle touches to the deep penetration.
• Neck
The sensation that runs through your neck when tickled can be exciting. The neck is sensitive to light sensations, and it’s the best place to touch, lick and kiss. It’s not difficult to feel good when touched in those areas. A simple breath on the nape of the neck can produce tingly feelings and send shivers down your spine. So, next time you think of foreplay you may want to give this area a little more attention.
• Nipples
Nipple orgasm or nipplegasm is the act of achieving orgasm through the nipple. The nipple is one of the most ignored body part but guess what; the nipple area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and a little bit of worship can work wonders in your bedroom. And the good news is that it’s not gender sensitive.
• Inner thighs
I don’t mean touch her thighs like you are massaging a wound and end up inside her clitoris, don’t be in a hurry. The inner thighs are extremely sensitive to all forms of touch, so to excite her gentle touches and licks are preferred. So, next time when you go down on your partner, worship her inner thighs. Use light strokes, a breath of tingly air or your tongue to stimulate her. Massaging her thighs when giving her oral will be making your foreplay much intriguing.
• Feet
Covering your feet during sex can help you reach orgasm easier. Feet may be a popular fetish but it doesn’t have to be your fetish to give your partner’s feet a little devotion. This is because there are pressure points in your feet that are believed to trigger sexual arousal. Begin by massaging your partner’s feet and treat her to a sensual rub. Go around in circles, rest at the middle of her feet and continue the process, watching her response as you apply pressure.

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