Touching Yourself

There’s something about having sex with yourself that is so fufilling and satisfying. Its like a very different high from sex with soomeone else. Unlike having sex with someone else,where you have to tell them what you want and how you want it or pray that your telepathic powers are still intact,playing with yourself is much more fun and pleasure is guaranteed.

Its alarming to find out that some girls think of masturbation as strictly a male thing. Considering the lack of patience in most guys,most of these girls will pro’ly never know what an orgasm feels like. I honestly dont know a worse fate than this. Its almost unthinkable for me. Its unjust to give pleasure with the thing between your legs and never get any in return.

Apart from the rude,insolent disregard for those special parts of our body by some obnoxious prick who are busy biting or chewing on our tits or shoving their shaft in our soft holes,some other important factors might be responsible for disappointing and unfufilling sex. Some of these things are pretty basic. The first one is obvious: Voice! Tell him what you want and how you want it

But the most important one is finding your special spots by yourself and getting used to this by pleasing yourself over an over again everytime you get the chance. Pick a comfortable time and position. If you are really naughty,you could add some toys and oils to your shopping list or maybe some ‘kinky’ foods or fruits that’ll make it more fun for you.

If you are a very naughty girl,you could do this with your man present. show him whtat you do to yourself so he knows how to hit it exactly. Its fun. Pleasing yourself is not a sin. Enjoy the gifts your body can give you. Your tits,clits and all are not meant for pleasing just your partners alone. Trust me,there’s no greater feeling than the sweet, toe-curling,cascading warmth of orgasm especially when its from your own hands and tongue.

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