Try these EASY breast massage tips to give her more orgasms.

When we talk about breast massage, it is often mistaken for the regular breast self-examination for lumps. Although both involve touching the breast, a breast massage is more pleasurable  with varying touch techniques than a breast self-examination.

Breast massage is a known but neglected practice and can improve general breast health. A breast massage is meant for nurturing and can also be sexually stimulating. The breast is an erogenous zone for women and with the right stimulation can lead to an orgasm. It can be a good foreplay tip and if done right, you will have your partner aroused and even orgasm before penetrative sex.

When it comes to breast massage, there are different techniques that can be used to get the most pleasurable orgasmic experience. Ready to try?

Here is all you need to have an erotic and sexually stimulating breast massage

Get oiled up

We cannot over emphasize on the need to get your palm properly oiled up before a breast massage. Oils will make your hands soft and warmed up before the massage. It’s best to use a basic heated  or cold pressed organic oils. I recommend skindeep oils that easily absorb into the skin.

Use the rub technique

With your hands oiled up , cup her breasts, wrap your fingers around it and squeeze softly. Being too hard may cause pain. Rotate your hands around her breasts and massage them in a circular motion.  You can apply more oil on the breasts for extra glide. Vary the speed as you go along, get feedback from her reaction to know what feels best.


Show the nipples some love

Your nipples are eager for attention and you should give it the same love. Nipples facilitate blood flow and arousal. The nipples are sensitive and you can stimulate them with quick strokes from your finger. Flicking the nipples with the fingers can get the blood flowing to that region and gets it erect and eager for sex. Rotate the nipples between fingers and tease her body with your hands and mouth. If your partner is game, you can include toys like a nipple clamp to switch between sensations.

Lift the breasts

Hold the breast with one hand and gently lift the breasts. Move from the nipple towards the outer part of the breasts without adding much pressure. Add some sensation play underneath her breasts. Tickle with a feather and alternate between hot and cold temperature using ice.

Add some spice

Take things up a notch and alternate between touches with your mouth. Kiss her on her neck, play with her earlobe or place a clitoral toy on her clitoris while massaging her breasts. This is effective because it targets three erogenous zones at the same time. This would make her so aroused and can lead to multiple orgasms.

Why breast massage?

They can help prevent cancer

Cancer is formed by malignant cells that cause a knot in your breasts leading to lumps. A breast massage can force the cells to go back to their original form.

Breast massage can alleviate tenderness during periods

If you experience sore breasts during periods, a breast massage with oils is helpful. Finish off this massage with a hot bath will allow the oils to seep deeper into the skin to help with pain and inflammation.

It gives better sexual stimulation

Massaging your breasts can increase its sensitivity, making it more susceptible to touch. Massaging makes you more aware to touch and it can positively affect your brain. Remember that the mind is the greatest sex organ.

It helps alleviate stress

A massage can help the muscles in the body relax. This can help in the release of the love hormone oxytocin on a regular basis.  Remember that your body listens to your mind so  no matter how stressed you are, do this with love and compassion for your body.

October is the breast cancer awareness month; show some extra love to your breasts with a breast massage. Perform self-exam tests and stay safe.

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