Urine naturally has an odour that is unique to everyone, but when your urine produces a pungent smell or suspicious colour then it seems like a cause for concern. There are various factors that can attributed to a smelly urine although most of the factors are non-threatening and can be addressed with simple solutions.


The number one cause of a smelly urine? Yes, not drinking enough water, dehydration has several effects which includes a foul smell and darker colour of urine, which may be a sign of your body reminding you to hydrate.

Solution: Drink a lot of water, drinking a lot of water can help dilute your urine and reduce any colour related to it.


If you are taking a lot of medications, especially multivitamins and medications there are chances that you may notice a change in the smell of the urine. It may be the side effects of the drug, pills high in Vitamins B6, including multivitamins, heart and pregnancy medications.

Solution: if you want to change your medication, you may ask questions relating to the medication being taken or switch up your medication.


Bacteria in the urinary tract can cause infection along with a smelly urine. The most common medical reason for women is a smelly urine is a urinary infection, urine that has a foul or ammonia smell is an indication that a urinary tract infection is lurking. It can make the urine appear cloudy or bloody plus gives you the urge to urinate without producing any urine.

Solution: if these symptoms are noticed, it is advisable that you visit your doctor to check yourself out and get treated.


Infections especially yeast infections can lead to a smelly urine thanks to an imbalance of vaginal bacteria. And while yeast infections are in the vagina, the urethra may pick up the smell because of the closeness of the urethra.

Solution: A visit to the doctor is advised for treatment is strongly advised.


Ovulation does not cause a smelly urine but during ovulation the hormones that gestate a baby (estrogen and progesterone) are also at work during your regular circle on a minimal scale. This means that you are more aware of your smell of your urine during ovulation, although this does not mean it changes the smell of your urine but your body is more aware of the changes involved.


The liver is responsible for filtering and eliminating waste. If its unable to do so, the urine produced will be foul smelling and dark in colour. Kidney stones are causes of a smelly urine, which produces a pinkish colour urine and pains in urinating.

Solution: In any of these situations, a visit to the doctor is advised for diagnosis and early treatment. Drinking a lot of water helps in dealing with the kidney stone.


During pregnancy there is a frequent urge to pee, the hormone that causes this, can also cause the urine to produce a new smell. Hormone changes associated with pregnancy can increase the risk of vaginal infections and vaginal infections, both of which can cause a smelly urine.

There are also other causes of a smelly urine such as douching, diabetes, supplements and food or drink taken. A general solution to this is drinking a lot of water and urinate more to cleanse your system. Stay beautiful and fresh ladies.








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