Vagina Bumps and Their Causes

If you have never taken a look at yourself down south, you need to add that to your weekly routine. This is important because getting familiar with that vital part of your body will help you detect any unexpected changes on time. Early detection of mild to serious irritation or abnormal growths like bumps and lumps on any part of your body, can save your life.

Vaginal bumps, in particular, points to a a number of sexual health related issues, from mild to serious. They may be nothing to worry about, if you noticed them after using a bad razor or new shaving products, but they may be more than just mere skin irritation.

You May Have an STI

Not all sexually transmitted infections raise quick red flags such as a vaginal bump, but thankfully some do. A quick pointer to an STI like Genital warts are skin-colored or whitish bumps around the vulva and anus, and most cases of these are caused by two types of HPV — HPV 6 and 11. They’re irritating and can be itchy, but they usually don’t hurt.

Also,  an early symptom of the bacterial infection syphilis is something called a “syphilis sore,” which looks like a little chancre sore near the vulva or anus. It’s firm, round and painless, and there’s usually only one. It can also show up in a very hard-to-find spot, like inside the rectum or vagina.

Vaginal bumps can be symptoms of a number of STIs that sexually active women may be easily susceptible to, so you may want to get them checked as quickly as you can

You May Have a Skin Condition

Skin conditions like eczema or pimples can form on any part of your body, including your pubic area. Some of that itchiness and dryness we easily confuse for an STI, could be simply eczema or other mildly irritating skin condition. Again, you would never know unless you take a look down there and keep it clean.

Just as a pimple can form on your face, back or arms, they also pop once in a while around the vagina and they can be just as irritating and annoying, even a little painful too. The trick is to try not to pop them or use any of the creams or ointments you usually apply to facial pimples. The skin around your vagina is a little more sensitive than your face. 

You May Have Bartholin Cysts

The Bartholin’s glands are two little pea-sized glands that sit right inside the vaginal opening and secrete all the liquids that lubricate the vagina during sex.

Sometimes a cyst forms on one of  these glands and can become swollen or infected. On their own, they are mainly painless unless they get infected. When this happens, you usually have to get to your doctor to have it drained and treated. Please note that Bartholin cysts are not boils or cancer, or anything that should cause you much headache. If they don’t get infected, they usually go away on their own.

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